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Opportunities to join the Behavioural Ecology and Evolution lab

Apply to join the lab as a Marie Sklowdowska Curie Fellow via the University of Cyprus ONISILOS scheme. There are 27 postdoctoral fellowships available!


There is an opportunity in the scientific field of Evolutionary Genomics to join our lab in the Department of Biological Sciences and work in an interdisciplinary team with colleagues Sophia Hayes and Constantina Kapnissi from the Department of Chemistry.

Project Title: Genomic and environmental determinants of the distribution of carotenoid-based feather colour across the landscape


Carotenoid pigments are sequestered by animals in their diet and may then be converted from dietary yellow carotenoids to red ketocarotenoids in individuals with red coloration. For an animal to display red colour, it must obtain carotenoids from the landscape and must have specific alleles at candidate genes involved in carotenoid conversion. Further, regions of the genome may be associated with habitat structure, and in turn, the distribution of carotenoids in dietary items across the landscape. Our team will investigate the biochemistry of carotenoid colour in bird feathers, relating it to variation in the distribution of feather colour across the landscape. This will be accomplished by use of instrumental methods of analysis that include Raman spectroscopy and High-Performance Liquid Chromatography that are located at Dr. Hayes’ and Dr. Kapnissi’s laboratories in the Department of Chemistry. Candidate genes involved in carotenoid conversion will be identified among phenotypes using comparative and functional genomics, and associations between the genome and the distribution of feather colour in the landscape will be assessed using landscape genomics approaches in the Kirschel lab in the Department of Biological Sciences.

We are looking for applicants ideally with expertise in genomics, with an interest in particular in landsape genomics or functional genomics, transcriptomics and/or epigenomics. A background in metabarcoding and/or biochemical analyses such as Raman spectroscopy or HPLC would also be useful.

More information on application process:

ONISILOS fellowships are available to top Researchers from around the world and within the frame of specific intersectoral and interdisciplinary disciplines and topics that can be found here:

Applications and Guide for Applicants:

🔔Deadline for applications: 25/01/2024

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